The most beautiful beaches in and around Trabia

Not far from Trabia lie some of the most beautiful beaches on the western Sicilian coast, where you can spend long, intense days of sun and relaxation.

Pietra Piatta 

Pietra Piatta beach is a small beach on the coast of Trabia, a popular destination for tourists and local residents. It takes its name from the rock located near the shore, from which bathers love to dive. Sand and pebbles decore this little paradise where the sea is crystal clear and enchanting. It is accessible through a small path that goes down from the main road and offering an aphrodisiac landscape.

Lido Vetrana

This beach is located a few kilometers from the town, on the road leading to the town of S.Nicola l’Arena. It is one of the most popular beaches in the area because of its clear sea and sandy beach. The area is surrounded by numerous pizzerias and restaurants, where you can find relief between swims.

Ombelico di Venere

Also known as Cala Sciabica, Ombelico di Venere is one of the most beautiful beaches in the area, located about a 15-minute drive from Trabia. It is a little piece of paradise set in a breathtaking landscape. The beach is located at the base of a promontory on which stands the magnificent Torre Normanna, from which enchanting landscapes can be admired. Cala Sciabica is a free cove, near which there is a lido with bar service.

Beaches of Cefalù

About a 40-minute drive from Trabia, the beach of Cefalù, close to the town center, is a very long sandy beach that is a popular destination for bathers. But in addition to this, there are numerous notable Cefalù beaches such as Mazzaforno, Settefrati, Capo Playa, Sant’Ambrogio, Caldura and many others. The crystal clear water is a wonder for the eyes!