Festival of Trabia

In the month of June, it is possible to attend several typical festivals in the Trabia area, the most common of which are the Sagra delle Nespole (Medlar Festival) and the Sagra della Pasta (Pasta Festival), born from a long-standing culture of food tradition and cultivation typical of the area.

Medlar cultivation in the Trabia area, in fact, dates back to the 18th century, after a process of importation from the East, becoming today a high quality production with an increasingly delicate taste.

The festival takes place on the 1st and 2nd of June and during this festival, traditional Sicilian gastronomic delicacies are presented with various folkloric shows and tastings of local products.
The main street is filled with booths offering both the sale of local products and tastings of spinci (typical local products) with medlar jam and other typical handicrafts.

It is also possible to walk the streets of Trabia to get to know the architectural beauty of the city and to enter the Calvario district for free: a place rich in history and tradition.
This period is certainly one of the best for a holiday between the sea and authentic local experiences.