Celebration of the Ss. Crocifisso

For travellers who choose to stay in Trabia during the month of September, it is advisable to opt for the last week of the month, when one of the main festivals in Trabia is celebrated, that of the Ss. Crocifisso (Holy Crucifix). This feast is attended by many devoted citizens who gather around its patron saint.

The origins of this festival are ancient and date back to the discovery of a cross near a cave by a fisherman in the 17th century. He returned it to the Prince of Lanza who, to honour the find, ordered a solemn procession after which the period of famine and drought that afflicted Sicily at the time came to an end.

To this day, to honour this finding, a solemn procession in period clothing is held every year, in which a few fishermen carry the bronze cross from the square outside the gate to the Mother Church. Afterwards, the cross is handed over to the parish priest and kept in the Mother Church. After the procession, various fireworks and flag-throwing displays can be seen.