Location to visit near trabia

A few kilometers from the b&b lies the small town of Trabia. It is a town in the province of Palermo, with about 10,000 inhabitants. Among the most renowned places are Piazza Lanza, the Arch of Fuori Porta, and Lanza Castle.


In Piazza Lanza (Lanza Square), known in dialect as Favarella, it is possible to admire several monuments, starting with the large fountain at the foot of the calcareous rock wall, characterized by ten spigots, “Cannoli” in dialect, since their shape is reminiscent of the typical Sicilian dessert. A few steps from the fountains are the remains of an aqueduct from the Fascist era. There also is the statue of the Unknown Soldier, whose bronze bas-relief, made in the 1920s, allegorically represents victory in the Great War “against the foreign oppressor”. The statue was originally accompanied by an authentic rifle, later stolen. Immediately after Piazza Lanza there is a large lavatory, which remained in operation until the mid-20th century, where numerous housewives went to wash their clothes. The square is the gathering place for everyone in Trabia, but also the hub of summer nightlife for the many shows held there, also enabled by the presence of small bars and clubs.


Another characteristic monument of Trabia is the Arco di Fuori Porta (Fuori Porta Arch). The walls were built by Prince Ottavio Lanza in the first half of the 17th century to protect the small town and the lands in vicinity of the castle. They were partially destroyed during World War II, and restored in 2008. On the side walls of the gate are four plaques: in the first, the prince claims rights to the territory, in the second he invites passersby to enter, while the last two list the fallen trabiesi during World War I.

Lanza Castle

Built on behalf of the Lanza Princes, the Castle originated from an Arab stronghold and was renovated during the Norman period.

The Castle experienced its most splendid period during the reign of Octavius Lanza II, who made it a real oasis from which clear water flowed.

In the structure, one can distinguish: the Dungeon (used as a prison in the 17th century), the circular tower overlooking the sea that covered a defense function and a bell tower.

Inside, one can still admire two splendid portals in Gothic-Catalan style, deteriorated, however, by the saltiness to which they are subjected. Many artifacts come from Sicilian manors, belonging to nobles related to the Lanza family.

Today it hosts various events, from weddings to galas, such as Dolce and Gabbana‘s in 2017.