Medieval village of caccamo

Located 500 metres above sea level, the ancient medieval village of Caccamo is a rare pearl of Sicily. Overlooking the beautiful Lake Rosamarina, this town rich in history and tradition stands out in all its authenticity.

castle of caccamo

A few meters from the entrance, the majestic castle that stands on the top of a cliff dominating the landscape from above is immediately visible. The castle, dating back to the 12th century, ranks to this day among the most imponent in Sicily and Italy and can be visited very easily by making a reservation.

Exploring the interior of a real castle will provide you with a unique experience that can take you on a journey through the centuries and make you feel like you are inside a real medieval court.

Churches of caccamo

Beautiful and full of history are the churches of Caccamo, starting right from the Cathedral of St. George, patron saint of the town, with its wonderful stained glass windows that enlighten the halls.

Caccamo beyond nature and story

Beyond the cultural exploration through castle, churches and monuments, the nature that surrounds the town allows one to venture among the beautiful views that this area holds. The lake certainly plays a key role in this, being also a place with many activities to do in the open air.

Caccamo presents itself as a town that is very proud of its past, having made it a strength, and that is not afraid to shine and let itself be admired by anyone who allows themselves to be embraced by its historical charm.