S.Nicola l’Arena a Village on the sea

The promenade walk in S. Nicola l’Arena represents, for the inhabitants of the area, a typical ritual of beautiful sunny days.

It is a charming town located just 3.5 km from Trabia and represents a seaside location thanks to its characteristic small port, the background to important events, such as the nautical fair.

The beauty of the small village is not only linked to the sea, but also to its historical sites such as the Castle of San Nicola L’Arena, dating back to medieval times, and the Tonnara, thought to be the one with the oldest royal concession. 

S. Nicola l’Arena undoubtedly has a unique charm that embraces the sea and history at a glance, as well as the opportunity to sample local delicacies at restaurants and ice-cream parlours along the promenade.