Termini Imerese, chest of hidden treasures

A few kilometers from Trabia, under the slopes of Mount San Calogero, stands the beautiful town of Termini Imerese.

Nicknamed “Civitas splendidissima” by the ancient Romans, this charming town represents a real treasure chest, where you can visit fabulous places and have experiences that will make you fall in love with this place.

A fascinating site is certainly the archaeological area of Himera, a place that preserves important evidence of the ancient polis founded by Greek settlers. Artifacts and more can be admired in the antiquarium.

To leave their mark on Termini, in addition to the Greeks, were also the Romans. Besides the remains of the ancient Roman amphitheater, one of their greatest evidences is the Cornelius Aqueduct, dating from the second century CE, and also the largest hydraulic construction built by the Romans in Sicily.

One of the town’s major attractions is undoubtedly the sublime belvedere where it is possible to take a relaxing walk, or an aperitif, while admiring a unique and fascinating panorama, overlooking the splendid Sicilian sea.

For those who want to immerse themselves in the greenery there is the beautiful Nicolò Palmeri municipal villa, perfect for both children and adults, or visit the Monte San Calogero nature reserve and perhaps attempt a hike with the help of an expert.

Finally, for those who want to follow a more cultural itinerary, important historical places in Termini can be visited, such as the cathedral of San Nicola di Bari, the castle and the “Baldassare Romano” civic museum, and many others.

Termini therefore presents itself as a city to be discovered, with plenty of activities to do and areas to visit.